Kiddi Kollege Inc. History

Established in 1957

Kiddi Kollege Inc. started from humble beginnings back in the mid 1950’s.  The owner, Geraldine Dolinar grew the business out of her own basement in Kansas City, Kansas. In the 1950s the words Childcare Center, Preschool, or even Daycare had yet to be spoken. The care of young children at that time usually fell to the local church or the domestic care giver. Few people thought about children’s education at such a young age in addition to their care, but Geraldine recognized this opportunity. She was not satisfied with the level of attention that the local children were receiving when it came to their education. At the time she had her third child (her youngest daughter who is our current Regional Director) she saw an opportunity to address this issue in the local community.

During the late 1950’s an opportunity arose that helped this new venture gain traction. She noticed a demand was growing for high quality childcare with a focus on early childhood education.  She networked with the local community and found a sizable demand for families needing this service. She told the families of the community if she did decide to open a care center, that she would start an educational center, “a preschool… she would not be a babysitter”.  (Geraldine would always correct anyone who called Kiddi Kollege a Day Care)

So, Geraldine decided to do it herself and develop an early childhood education program. Ultimately, she became an entrepreneur while also giving her the option to care and educate her daughter. With her success she opened her first brick and mortar center in the mid 1960’s. She has always said that opening this business was one of her proudest accomplishments, and she was especially proud of opening up the business at a time when opportunities for women were less than abundant.

After opening her first center she started many traditions that set a standard among early childhood education centers. To name a few, she had learning centers that included math, science, art, music, and manipulative play. Another tradition started at Kiddi Kollege is the preschool graduation. We conduct our preschool graduation every May. It is a great treat for the parents and every graduation is treasured by our parents and staff. Educators in the community are always impressed by how prepared our graduates are for kindergarten.

After the first center opened she continued to reinvest into her business by opening several additional centers.  In addition her legacy has spread through her family. Now, the third generation (Geraldine’s grandchildren) currently work in the centers and are looking ahead to the future, continuing to offer this valuable service to the community.