Kiddi Kollege Inc. Vision

One reason Kiddi Kollege has managed to stay in business all these years is the way we work. It is easy in life and business to become stagnant and to lose focus. That said, one way we have managed to remain focused and consistent in our service is  by having a strong vision for what we do. This vision helps us to keep the big picture in mind during our daily activities. Our vision answers the   two questions. First, As a business what do we believe our service offers the community? Second what is our purpose and how can we accomplish this?

Core Values:  “As a business we believe…” 

  • In the advancement of society through early childhood education.
  • We exist to stimulate the minds of children; to guide and inspire.
  • Parents want the best for their children. So we must embody excellence.
  • We must work with passion, commitment, and enthusiasm to make learning fun and play time stimulating
  • Learning is universal and essential to human development
  • In sharing success to qualified employees based on merit
  • We must be honest and we must have integrity

Kiddi Kollege Early Childhood Education Centers focus on the development of our children into exceptional young adults, contributing their individual gifts for the advancement of society. 
Our philosophy is set of guidelines incorporated into our daily activities used to implement our vision. Our philosophy emphasizes the following aspects of development:

  • to provide quality child care and educational programs
  • to provide a warm, safe, nurturing, and loving environment where self- concepts are enhanced, independence is encouraged, and individuality is respected
  • to provide a wide variety of ages with a structured routine and curriculum.  Our curriculum  draws from the  areas of art, math,  science, music, practical life,  social  studies, dramatic play, language arts, and manipulative play
  • to develop an active curiosity about the world in which he or she lives and an enthusiasm for learning
  • to provide an atmosphere where children have respect for others and for property
  • to recognize the importance of each individual family’s needs and concern for their child

“A company should stand for something, fulfill a purpose, and contribute something useful—hopefully something special, even wonderful—or it shouldn’t bother being a company at all.”
-Dan Zadra

“We can do more than dream, We can imagine”

“Every great advance has issued from a new audacity of imagination”
-John Dewey

“You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try”
-Beverly Sills

"Vision without execution is hallucination"
-Thomas Edison